Illusion Hills

We’ve seen our fair share of large collectives/supergroups spawn in the years since Odd Future and Brockhampton became household names. Some built upon the internet with likeminded kids, such as in the Brockhampton case but often more exciting are the regional groups, of friends from small pockets of the world who are growing this beautiful flower of a career together. Such as Illusion Hills, as we take a microscope to point down to Orange County, California, where you’ll find the collective of 8 creatively tinkering, making their own music, their own videos, their own graphics, doing everything under the sun.

They’ve been working officially together as Illusion Hills since 2020, getting better and better which each piece of music and content they drop, with this new tune “Eternal” being a clear favorite out of their whole catalog for me. Finding magic on this emotive hook, the combo of the filtered and looped background vocals and a stupid catchy kymesina toplining melody are sure to leave you hooked. If you like what you hear, you can find this on their latest EP “come outside when the lights dim” for 6 more tunes.

Produced By

Michael Johnson, Grant Dacklin, Loui Vladimir & Jayden Hanson

Release Date

October 17, 2022


Orange County, California

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