Chloe Berry
When It Rains

We seem to be in an indie rock meets indie pop surge, and Chloe Berry might be one of the most exciting new artists in this space that I have heard in a very long time. Layers of rock guitar power chords, jam band-ready live drums, and vintagey bedroom pop synths make the base of Chloe’s latest single, “When It Rains,” where Chloe floats with ease. Her soft vocals make for the perfect temperament, and Chloe skillfully layers them for her choruses reminiscent of pop punk bands of old.

Chloe has a masterful touch through the whole of “When It Rains,” the song moves naturally through verses, choruses, and even a beautiful guitar-forward bridge. Who’s doing that in 2022?! Chloe is miles ahead of the “bedroom pop” label, but she keeps that soft, open, emotional writing that is sure to invite fans into her musical world.

Produced By

Sam Poon & Pat Fruehling

Release Date

September 28, 2022


New York, NY

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