For most of his career, Chicago artist HXRY (Harry, not Henry!) has been associated with the future wave RnB you might hear on Soulection radio. His latest single “OOOO AHH” is not a debut, but it’s the start of a new beginning; a sound he defines as “thicc RnB” (that’s thicc with two Cs!). To engrain the concept in listeners’ heads, HXRY has made frequent use of the peach emoji and created teaser visuals for the latest song that calls back to the funk and soul of the 80s.

It’s honestly admirable how blatantly horny “OOOO AAH” is. I mean, talk about leaning into a concept. The sex-soaked track with an absolutely stanky bass line courtesy of Aidan Carroll got a final touch from Chris Inumerable, the founder of Chicago’s legendary Classick Studios.

HXRY has been busy this fall, spending long hours in the studio and getting active with live shows, including an opening slot for Phabo at Subterranean. Make sure to tap in to follow the come-up!

Produced By

Rosewood, Tee-WaTT, Tedd Boyd & Aidan Carroll

Release Date

November 1, 2022


Chicago, IL

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