Blank Space
Older Now (EP)

Officially formed in the early days of 2022, four piece band Blank Space met at San Diego State and took a more traditional approach at first, pounding the pavement and flooding the local San Diego scene performing everywhere in the city that they possibly could. And that was before they even released any music. Now a year and some change after their inception, they’re coming off a quick tour of California and the release of their debut EP ‘Older Now’ early this month.

‘Older Now’ sticks to those live roots, yet adds a filter of harnessed precision and melancholy expertise to their grit. Written about the obstacles and good times alike that come with staying together as a band, Older Now doesn’t sugarcoat reality and keeps the beauty honest. It’s their knack for lush, layered guitar riffs and soft yet ruminative vocals that’s kept the 5-track EP in consistent rotation. And with veteran Stefan Mac handling the production (Wallows, Sun Room, No Vacation), he provides that cherry on top that’s got the sonics sounding so clean. It’s only just the start for Blank Space and we’re excited to follow along on their journey!

Produced By

Stefan Mac

Release Date

March 3, 2023


San Diego

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