Jordan Dean

Jordan Dean‘s grungy music sounds like it could be coming from the rainy UK, but the Nashville resident is here to give us his midwestern spin on that UK-type of alternative rock. A sound that feels like an apt fit he as an opener for artists across the pond like Declan McKenna. His inspirations range from the Arctic Monkeys all the way to A Tribe Called Quest, and this all bleeds into a unique melting pot that culminates to make his sound.

His brash alternative style invokes memories for me that are directly from the indie rock boom of the 2010’s, and although he has seen a bit of streaming success in the past, Jordan is capable of making even heavier waves in the years to come. I’ve become enamored with past releases of his like “Free Advice, No One’s Buying” and “Drunk”, and when an artist can release music of that quality so early on, you can place a good bet on the future shining bright.

Produced By

Jordan Dean

Release Date

March 10, 2023


Nashville, TN

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