Syracuse university is never short in its supply of the next generation of the music industry thanks to its Bandier program and its had its fair share of creative talent including 1/2 of The Chainsmokers, Clairo and Claud. And not mention, the snowy New York school’s got a bright class of young creatives of which you can add Boston area native Padma to that list. Starting with her recently released single ‘Supersonic’ you’ll get the gist pretty quicky of why Padma’s special, as she leaves us with an ethereal sound that felt hypnotizing from the moment I pressed play. The track is a raw and emotional plea to her partner, and you can’t help but to relate and empathize with her as the song goes deeper into her psyche.

She is fresh off opening the showcase that Syracuse hosts every year for active students to have a platform to share their talents, and through the outpouring of support on her social media from the event – it’s clear that the community knows how special she is. This dream pop release has me dozing off and wondering what will come next from her, and I personally can’t wait for what else she will gift us with in the future.

Produced By

Richard Thompson & Sheel Davè

Release Date

March 23, 2023


Boston, MA

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