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In an age where social media is a reflection of everybody’s ‘personal brand’, Culi.‘s feed stands out from almost every page you could put him next to. His Instagram showcases every single picture within a sharp vignette-like black circle, and you can’t help but click through his profile once this hook is sent out into the world.

I feel a similar way when listening to the 19-year-old’s music whose topic matter is self proclaimed as focusing heavily on old video games, guitars, and nostalgic lyrics. I find it hard to enjoy a lot of new music because nearly every sound has been made and overdone, but I feel a breath of fresh air and potential when listening to Culi.

Living in a foreign country like the Netherlands customarily leads to a slightly left of center take on music compared to what we see budding in the states, but it’s most heavily rooted in between indie and alternative. With the fact that he’s already eclipsed 2-million streams on a song before turning 20, the future is bright for the one man band that is Philip Kniese.

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May 11, 2023



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