Hurri Haran

As much as people have been trying to find that alternative to twitter over the last few days since the whole Elon Musk injected cap on how many tweets you’re now allowed to read a day, twitter’s still not just going to be overtaken any time soon. And there are still wise artists like Hurri Haran using Twitter to their advantage and not just relying on Tik Tok like most everyone else. Building a community of friends and fans prior to the release of this new song “Beyonce”, compounded into sparking this moment.

Pairing a perfect song for the summer with these Jasiah Powers directed visuals that give outsiders that lens into what a summer in New York also looks like inevitably caught some fire on twitter and has led to a chain reaction. It got prominent pages like What NYC Sounds Like spreading the gospel and now us. And the chain reaction shall continue now that an artist with some real talent and unique qualities to his sound has caught that first wave of attention. Let us put you on early as always, before you get left behind

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Release Date

May 24, 2023


New York, NY

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