Camp Kona

Camp Kona is a San Francisco born, LA based alt-R&B artist who lends her identity as a former summer camp counselor to the music she produces. You can trace her roots back to the transcendental sonics, woodsy harmonic overlays, and sunshine drenched landscapes that fill up her imaginative universe. Her latest single, “Girlfriend”, is a long awaited tease that Camp Kona’s been hinting at on her live circuit since 2019.

Featuring lush flurries of honey-spun electronics, sultry beats, and a self-coined ‘choir-kid’ vocal that oozes charisma, “Girlfriend” hits like a sugar rush. Culturally rich with all the decadence of a dating app, “Girlfriend” chronicles the pitfalls of a sticky situationship with visceral one liners that pack a poisonously bitter punch. Camp Kona spins a web, entangling her textural voice and gritty sonics like superglue, for a track that sticks to the ear like an inescapable trance.  “Girlfriend” is just the start of Camp Kona’s impending upward spiral – you can bet on it.

Produced By

Kris Malinin

Release Date

June 28, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

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