Chris Emond

Chris Emond is an enigmatic jack of all trades. Instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, record label founder, and creative director are just a few hats the Bay Area native wears; all of which shine through with the release of his recent single “Harmony”, released on his very own Orange Label Records. Emond’s previous single, “Medium demons” with Bennett Coast has haunted me since its release in July of last year and I’ve been desperate for new music from him for over a year. The return to his artist project eclipsed every expectation in my mind.

“Harmony”, is a reflective, spirited song that feels like it belongs at the climax of a coming of age film. Emond creates an effortlessly nostalgic soundscape with a profusion of fuzzy synth motifs that ring powerfully through the chorus and verses. Additionally, his vocals encapsulate an existential feeling and add to the ethereal atmosphere built around himself. As a whole, “Harmony” tugs at the heartstrings of those who hold psychedelia and late 2000s indie/alternative rock near and dear.

Fans of Alex G, Junior Varsity, and MGMT will be left craving more of Chris’ self-assured sound. Chris Emond has an abundance to show for himself in the creative world, and we’re waiting eagerly for his next move.

Produced By

Chris Emond

Release Date

October 18, 2023


San Jose, CA

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