It’s an extraordinarily rare and special thing to realize your dreams alongside your childhood best friend. We all had one friend that we’d stay up late fantasizing about moving to a big city, having the dream job, or starting a band together. This dream is beginning to become a reality for the tenacious Los Angeles-based folk duo, thebandfriday. Adin Eshagpour and Finn Morris of thebandfriday have been making music together since middle school and that shines through in their latest single “Remedy”.

“Remedy” is a comforting folk-rock song that’s familiar yet contemporary at the same time. Imagine Cleopatra by The Lumineers meets Bon Iver. Adin and Finn’s voices are made for each other and the duo’s lyricism is indelible. The song’s guitar melodies stick in your mind like honey. thebandfriday exudes a warm and captivating energy with “Remedy” and we’re ecstatic to see what’s to come with their next release.

Produced By

Griffin Chaney

Release Date

January 26, 2024


Los Angeles, CA

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