I'm Here

Coming out of Tampa, Florida, Ty2Fly had a year in 2023. Which when we first came across him and had him on our playlist. He dropped a bevy of singles, over 20 of ’em and a few like “2AM” that we first found from him eclipsed a million streams. His freshly released single “I’m Here” is the next chapter for Ty2Fly as he secures his stance as a matchless artist in the modern rap game. From the unexpected hyperpop influence in his production to his sharp, ominous flow, Ty2Fly doesn’t miss a beat.

“I’m Here” is all about putting in the work and reaping the rewards. Riddled with doubt from the outside world, Ty2Fly writes about overcoming the opinions of others to step into his strongest self. The beats land with crystal-cut precision, the percussion fills the ear like a packed arena, but, it’s really Ty2Fly’s presence as a performer that steals the show. Just be glad you’re here early for it.

Produced By

Ty2Fly & MeXo

Release Date

April 16, 2024


Tampa, Florida

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