Hadji Gaviota

Odds are if you’ve been following us for a bit, then you should know Hadji Gaviota, if not, then this new song “Oyster” is quite literally the best introduction to him. From the first moment I heard this song, this was the one. It encompasses all of what Hadji does best but leveled up.

The lyricism is as witty as ever, you’ll catch yourself catching new bars you didn’t pick up on earlier when you’re on your tenth listen or so but it’s because of how dynamic and catchy this song is that will have you clocking in at least ten listens. The verses are catchy in their own regard but it all builds into a lush hook of Hadji playing back and forth with Mike Mroz’s chords and it all turned out so beautifully.

He released an entire EP today called ‘PASTIMES” so once you’ve been sold on Oyster, you’ll surely the love the rest of what dropped from the Queens icon.

Produced By

Mike Mroz

Release Date

August 4, 2021


Queens, NY

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