Most artists use music as a form of the expression of a singular emotion they’re feeling during the writing process. Others just feel a need to create with their emotions taking a backseat. Genre blending Phoenix based artist, SAIAH, however, seems to understand how different types of feelings sound and how they can work together in one record. It’s a special feature to have in your arsenal as an artist and should not be overlooked. It’s seen loud and clear in his new record “SEX”, that lands as a standout bop on his new project ‘RACEWAY: THE WISDOM OF INSECURITY’

Throughout the first listen of the song I had a plethora of feelings. The contrast between the fast paced strings and heavy drums mixed with angelic, layered vocals make the song what it is, a hit. The real shift happens in the last minute. The pop anthemic chorus suddenly becomes motivated by punk rock, and while barely noticeable, it’s perfect. The whole song is like looking through a kaleidoscope for the first time: beautiful chaos.

SAIAH already has collaborations with Tom The Mail Man and RIZ LA VIE under his belt and is clearly getting the respect he deserves. With the catalog he has already, I am itching for even more music and can’t wait for it.

Produced By

Henry Was, fearofmakingout, Devon Hancock & SAIAH

Release Date

October 11, 2021


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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