Warner Meadows – Divided

New York has always been a breeding ground for new flavors, unique styles and is one of the melting pots of the world for culture and style. Warner Meadows and his new track “Divided” are a testament to the aforementioned. As an artist and composer, Meadows graduated from Brown University as the pandemic hit, and has stepped into the industry professionally composing original scores for podcasts and short films. Most recently, he composed on “Gorgeous,” Track 6 of Baby Keem’s 2021 album The Melodic Blue.

However, the Harlem native is putting a big importance on his solo career in 2022. Directed and shot with fellow Brown graduate, Danny Young, Warner brings to life a cross-continental release that is filled with witty punchlines, avant-garde production decisions and an extremely sticky hook. Meadows credits “Divided” and the international blend of visual and sound to his two cousins, noting they played an important role in the song. The New York native said that his style and developing core memories came from his family trips to London, and that Divided is his paying homage.

“While the song has a lighthearted feel to it given the fact that I’m an American artist doing a British accent, the sentiment of the hook is important to me.” Meadows said that his spirit is divided, and it’s a major theme he’s been struggling with in his artistic life. “I didn’t intent initially to rap in a British accent,” said Warner, but after producer Baird sent over the demo, it’s what felt natural.

Divided is shot throughout the Harlem neighborhood, capturing the essence of Meadows upbringing through the clear and classic aesthetic of a British drill video. As 2022 continues to unwind, I am excited and eager to see how the young artist will continue to push his artistic boundaries.

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