Kelz2busy – Sinner

Where do we even begin. Enter Brooklyn’s emerging artist, Kelz.

The video for “Sinner” takes place in environments all too familiar to the New York hip-hop scene – at least 7 deep on a public basketball court & right outside the storefront of a local bodega. It’s the type of song you open up YouTube to, expecting a certain kind of sound but Kelz will shatter every expectation once you hear his lofty melodic voice. Accompanied by a very digestible piano key scale & the late night backdrop of his video, Kelz’s eerie delivery pairs almost too perfectly. It gives the feeling of something both ominous and inevitable on the way.

“It’s never ’bout what we did, but who we are right now”

Even the mannerisms of Kelz and his crew from start to finish speak illustrate how well aware they are about the heater on their hands. With NY’s drill scene dominating most of the soundscape at the moment, Kelz is a more than welcome and refreshing contribution to a city that will always have a story to tell. Since the video dropped in late April, Kelz has been steadily grafting more and more eyes and ears, catching a couple semi-viral tweets of early arrival fans in the process that have helped ascend the newcomer to over 20k views on this one and still going up.

Peep the music video for “Sinner” below.

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