kurffew – Lazy

From Tik Tok algorithmic obscurity to Zane Lowe’s radio show in the span of two weeks, LA-based artist kurffew needs your attention. With a sound reminiscent of early 2000’s alternative rock with bands like The Strokes and Vampire Weekend, kurffew’s pension for arpeggiated licks and a fuzzy guitar tone is a nostalgic but refreshing sound. Add that into the context of BandLab, and it breeds virality. At a record’s pace too, it’s barely been a month since he started uploading and previewing songs on Tik Tok and it’s already beginning to catch fire.

His viral Tik Tok video previewing his debut single “Lazy” currently sits at 1.6 million views, and the song is quietly exploding on Spotify. Go check this out because this one is gonna move fast.

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