Anna Duboc
Mystery Lady

While still only 16-years-old, Anna Duboc has been singing for years and releasing music since 2019. And as any smart person with talent would, she’s been sharing that all with the world of Tik Tok and has built quite the following for herself on Tik Tok sitting at over 150k followers. But Anna is still very much just getting started, and she’s absolutely got a quality song here that deserves the attention of Spotify editorials and beyond.

In a world of over saturated pop music, Anna Duboc has managed to deliver a refreshing sound within the singer-songwriter genre. As the late Virgil Abloh said, some of the best art takes an already existing form and makes it 3% better, and this particular time around Duboc delivers a refreshing take with her new single “Mystery Lady”. Her music seems to get better with every release, and I can’t wait to see what her career becomes as she continues to gain experience in her life and in the industry.

Produced By

Anna Duboc & Matias Mora

Release Date

March 10, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

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