Presley Regier

“Nevermind” by Presley Regier takes you back to a summer you wish you could relive. For me, that might be 2017, and for other’s it’s yet to come. Presley’s voice has troubadour qualities but with a Gen-Z influenced, sweet cadence to it-perfect for listeners consumed by digital culture to grasp onto, and anticipate more music from.It’s only his first ever single, but already Presley’s sound is so refined, that comes from his background as a writer and producer, contributing in the past to records from Claire Rosinkranz, Tyga and more.

Just from “Nevermind” it’s evident that though he falls under the roof of pop, his sound also opens doors for indie, and alternative guests, but not in a gimmicky, “I’m trying to be different” way. It feels like a hometown drive, though you may have cruised on that street before, each time you go en route, you see/ hear something new. The production overall is a perfect representation of it serving the artist and the song. It all blends seamlessly, and nothing aggressive pops through the rear view mirror.The intro of and background of “ooh ooh’s” feel like the type where fans would shout with to at concerts, and go ham, waiting for his encore, this song. We look forward to seeing what Presley has in store next.

Produced By

Presley Regier, Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow

Release Date

April 28th, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

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