Losing Sleep

It’s crazy to think that such a well-polished, well refined yet grungy song like this is coming from a 17-year-old by the name of benison from the thinly populated west coast of Australia. With a feverish cadence that trips over itself, a nebulous riff that casts shadows over the back body, and sweltering sonics that create friction against each other and set this track ablaze, “Losing Sleep” will take you right inside benison’s head. Filled to the brim with painstaking lyrics and a psyche well beyond his age, the prose behind this track is shockingly relatable and soulfully nuanced all at once.

Holding momentary bliss over our heads, benison jumps from infectious hook to existential interlude all connected by the rhythmic thread at the heart of his chorus. Seeing the dark-sided duality of relationships, benison captures the internal spiral and burgeoning angst that counteracts the dopamine high of young love. While it’s cut crisp from benison’s raw experience, I fell in love with “Losing Sleep” for its universal tendencies that feel like having a conversation with yourself; and I know you will too.

Produced By

Jackson Bergsma & Isaac Davies

Release Date

August 4, 2023


Southern Western Australia

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