A common trend these days has certainly been the self-produced, jack of all trades type of artist. Which is kind’ve a conundrum considering the day and age we’re living in. It’s easier than ever to find and work with collaborators remotely but at the same time it’s also easier to access and learn all the those trades needed all by your internet lonesome.

Los Angeles based Henre has certainly been able to use his skillset to his advantage, primarily engineering and producing for others but he’s got a lot of heat that he’d like to use to selfishly pave a path of his own. Only just getting going this year on the solo trek, he’s 4 songs in, but it’s his tune “Impatient” that really marks the potential this man has the best to me. I’m a sucker for a funky bass line and “Impatient” boasts just that, with aptly fitting guitar work and a range of flows on the vocal end of things, it’s an energetic, fun 2 minutes of listening. The type of song you can enjoy plenty just sitting your desk chair but it’s definitely the type of song that makes you want to move a bit and loosen that tie.

Whether it’s more so behind the beat or on his own accord, we’re sure to be seeing Henre’s name more and more one way or another.

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July 14, 2023


Los Angeles, CA

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