Blending elements of punk rock, heavy metal, and alternative music, boycomma captures the beautiful essence of melancholic grunge in their latest single “Sprakked”. Like any typical Southern California-based band, intense house shows were how they got their start. In this case, being painted as the epitome of every neighbor’s worst nightmare opened doors of opportunities for them. From living rooms, to venues as far as 400 miles away from home, their passion for music drives them the distance.

“Sprakked” sticks to their gritty roots, providing a means of catharsis. The track starts off slow with wretched and emotional lyrics overlaying mournful melodies. As the tempo increases, isolated guitar riffs contrast the built momentum, leaving listeners addicted to the frisson associated with the peak. The heavy distortion of electric guitars, unpolished drumming patterns, and echoey vocal style leaves fans craving more of boycomma in just three minutes and thirty-four seconds. Submerged in that distinguishable rock sound, the embodiment of apathy throughout the song leaves us sinking below the surface level of the lyrics.

Gaining 3.5K monthly listeners on Spotify within 5 months, it’s evident their unique discography deeply resonates with many. We can’t wait to see them hit more milestones as they grow!

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Release Date

October 5, 2023


Orange County, CA

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