Babe City
Body Systems

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Stemming from former solo project Mia Tims, bubblegum dreamrock band Babe City showcases calm interpretations of anxious feelings, shaky advice, and deep-seated guilt through a mix of folk, rock, and indie pop. In latest single “Body Systems,” they use familiar sounds and textures to run in their own direction, creating a catchy tune filled with hums and melodies that satisfyingly run along the mesmerizing guitar patterns.

In a similar sonic environment to Samia and Feeble Little Horse, “Body Systems” captures uncomfortable feelings of shame, insecurity, and hopelessness over a contrastingly optimistic instrumental bed. It’s the type of song that you listen to while taking a walk, on a long drive, or staring at the ceiling, cradled in your own self-reflection. Mia, the band’s lead singer and lyricist, does an excellent job of reinventing nostalgia. She is able to interpret singular events in her life and turn them into universal fables, crafting a storybook for the chronically online generation. Her satisfyingly fresh take on the singer-songwriter genre strays far from plain or redundant. The music is genre-bending, creating a throughline from confessional folk to gritty shoegaze-pop that can be heard from “Body Systems” into the rest of their discography.

We are so excited to see what Babe City gets up to in the new year.

Produced By

Theo Hoffstrom, Jackson James & Babe City

Release Date

December 13th, 2023


Long Island, NY

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