The music game is a marathon, not a sprint. So often, artists with promise or buzz have a moment that either fades or is never capitalized on. That won’t be the case for Lihtz. Lihtz’s background is interesting to say the least. Formerly going by Lihtz Kamraz, he appeared on the scene in 2016 with his mixtape, The Switch Up. He’s collaborated with Meek & even been on multiple episodes of Empire back in its heyday.

“SERENITY” and his latest single “BITTERSWEET” which you can hear above show that he has been in the lab honing something that could completely redefine the usual sounds we’ve come accustomed to hearing from Philly’s music scene. He’s not just the next Brent Faiya; Lihtz is singing with some real conviction and taking his voice and melodies down different paths than you’d expect.

“SERENITY” is his sensational tranquil return as he croons how “I could have everything it don’t mean anything” – without serenity, that is. And it’s this song that he also used for his hanging microphone, From the Block Performance. Which may immediately draw comparison to 4batz, but sonically, Lihtz is really paving his own lane. His stock is slowly rising and we’d place a pretty substantial bet that this is only the beginning.

Produced By

Miless, Musikspirit & Dylan Hyde

Release Date

January 26, 2024


Philadelphia, PA

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