#Giza (Album)

ZACSREVENGE is back with another project “#Giza” coming in at a solid 8 tracks. This is coming off the back of EP “untitled 3” which we covered not too long ago. He’s one of my favorite upcoming artists and it’s been great to see him grow and improve over the past few months.

As for this project, expect the usual catchy flows and melodies, but with some notable improvements. I would say overall this project is much more polished than what we have heard in the past. The faster-paced songs exude energy while the slower-paced ones feature more spacey and angelic vocals. Getting to hear Zac on some different beats allows for his versatility to shine through. The standout and my favorite song on the album is “Teezo (teriel)”. It’s extremely high energy with a cleverly written chorus that will be stuck in your head all week. Some other songs you need to check out are “fck it (jpxfred)” and “Next2u (interlude)”.

This seems to be Zac’s biggest moment in a while since the likes of Plaqueboimax have been reacting to it on stream. Hopefully will see him on the next Song Wars where he will be able to get his music in front of a much larger audience and take the next step in his career. Also shout out Zac and his team for crediting the producers in the song titles, definitely do not see that happening very often.

Produced By

teriel, jpxfred, wroke & Celes

Release Date

February 15, 2024


Brooklyn, NY

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