safe space

Houston, Texas raised Sughn has been releasing music meticulously for the past 4 years and getting better at her craft every step of the way. That growth has all led to her beautiful new single “safe space” and the rapid pace it’s at, as it’s on pace to be the biggest streaming song of the bunch.

“safe space” is a beautifully stripped down performance depicting the comfort that Sughn’s partner enables within their relationship. Backed with nothing but an acoustic guitar & ethereal production that sounds like a late night walk by the lake, Sughn’s vocal delivery brings the listener to an overwhelmingly peaceful place. The harmonies that collide & crescendo towards the single’s epilogue as she croons “for me, for you” encapsulate the reliability of the relationship she is speaking on. It honestly almost feels as if the harmonies are two people conversing with one another.

If you enjoy her newest joint, “last goodbye” is another impeccable listen by the up and coming indie songstress. Stream “safe space” below”

Produced By

Connor Ahlstrom & Lisa A. Batis

Release Date

February 16, 2024


Houston, Texas

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