Nolan Barba
everything is mine

Alt-Pop freshie, commonly referred to as Nolan Barba, is back with “everything is mine”. Between his strong visuals, hard-hitting production, and relatable lyricism, Nolan is an artist to watch in the coming year. Barba has the type of discography that you keep going back to, and continuously add to your “liked” songs, coveted, gatekept playlists, and aux when you get the chance. His voice sits perfect amongst the background of alt-pop-y production, while it drifts, runs, riffs and just does it’s own thing. “everything is mine” sits in alternative, indie, hyperpop-y lanes but morphs to be Nolan’s own unique genre- which is similar to rest of his music. It’s almost as if 5 seconds in, you can tell that this is a Nolan Barba track.

The little details in “everything is mine” make this a staple in the playlist and queue- whether the doubled vocals, drone-y synths, tasteful distortion, to Nolan’s vocal licks. Be sure to watch out for Nolan in 2024, and beyond.

Produced By

Gabe Soundara, Isaac Sammons & Nolan Barba

Release Date

March 15, 2024


Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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