Julius Black

POV: you are scrolling through your endless private Spotify playlists to find the perfect song for the ride home that hits but nothing is filling that feeling, but alas you stumble upon “EYE4EYE” by Julius Black and the feeling of melancholy, nostalgia, and subtle gratification hits you.

Beyond the incredible production, and lyricism on this track, Julius’ performance is nothing short of amazing. Ballads can be a hit or miss, and I can confidently say that Julius definitely hit the spot on this one. Though it’s a three and a half minute song, part of me wishes it went on and on, but I am at a crossroads, as is it one of those you want to selfishly go on forever, or one you want to savor?

Julius Black’s discography as a whole makes you feel like that though, and “EYE4EYE” is no exception. The candid story-telling is like a page ripped from a hidden notes on your phone of things you wish you could say to that certain someone but refrain from for the preceding consequences. But while he’s got a killer catalog already, this song is proof that the music’s only getting better and better.

Produced By

Struan Finley & Ethan Schneiderman

Release Date

March 29, 2024


New Zealand

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