claire nichols
sick enough to kill

This is not my first time trying to spread the word and music of claire nichols so yes, I kinda want to put you on.

The NYC based singer, songwriter has a thing for catchy hooks, strong production, and infectious melodies- all the ingredients for an emerging pop artist. In “sick enough to kill”- Claire expands her musical universe as she leans into alternative production but weaves in electronic elements with catchy, electronic prod glitches, and pop-y top-lining.

Claire’s voice builds up through the duration of the song, with the production, ending in satisfying drops. Her narrative of spiteful revenge carries the 3 minute plotline, and you hang on the edge of the passenger’s seat, with her driving, waiting for the next turn. Claire’s ability to build accessible sonic scapes, with her over-honest lyricism, hard-hitting production, and sing back-able melodies, make her a strong candidate for your next on-repeat alt-pop artist.

We can’t wait to see what she gets up to in 2024.

Produced By

Nate Arnstein, Will Scharnberg & clair nichols

Release Date

April 12, 2024


Denver, CO

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