Kellan Christopher Cragg

There are songs that feel different, and there are songs that hit different. Though the phrase can be found in the late 2010s version of the Gen-Z dictionary, “hit different” moments to me, only happen a few times every couple of years, and “YOPOCO” by Kellan Christopher Cragg achieves that.

It’s this familiar nostalgia, when the sky seeped of blue, the sunset bled of the brightest reds and purples, and the wind blew at the perfect speed- that’s where “YOPOCO” sits, in now, what sometimes feels like a dull canvas. Through Kellan’s story-telling, and production, that feeling of nostalgia sweeps you into the emotional, youthful tornado you’ve been longing for.

Kellan continues to write and tell stories that tap into an emotional vessel for all. A heart-string pull, to a sit-still pondering moment. He encapsulates it all. Each new song is another roller coaster of a ride and we cannot wait to see what Kellan gets up to in the coming months.

Produced By

Kellan Christopher Cragg

Release Date

June 14, 2024



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