Monét Ngo
Hotel Bar

Monét Ngo’s had his fair share of successes over the past couple of years. Releasing his beautiful debut album After School Club in 2022, headlined by the swooner of a single “Ruby Sparks” that’s sitting at over 11 Million streams on Spotify alone after some Tik Tok and Spotify editorial love. It put Monét firmly on the map but there’s still so many more ears out there that his music deserves to reach. Especially as his music just keeps getting better and better and he’s proving here with this new one.

This week Monét Ngo is back with another amazing single “Hotel Bar.” It’s a highly introspective track full of great melodies and catchy hooks. The phrase “5 star hotel bar” creates such vivid imagery and puts you on a very specific setting for the duration of the song. He describes a first date with his girlfriend at a hotel bar, and encapsulates love and heartache and those beginning moments of a relationship.

The imagery and production is that of blue-grass country influences, with Monét writing and producing the track. His songwriting and production only gets better and better with each song he releases, so make sure to check him out as Monét Ngo might just be your next favorite artist.

Produced By

Monét Ngo & Cyrus Rajeski

Release Date

June 14, 2024


San Jose, California

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