Devon Again

Introducing Devon Again, a 20-year-old broad-minded pop artist hailing from Denver but is currently based in LA. After displaying her multi-facted talents on Tik Tok, the algorithm properly took notice and fed it to an audience that needed it and her engagement continues to grow daily as she is frequently teasing new music, which encapsulates her colorful and fun-loving personality. That led into people wanting to help out and helping to make this proper debut single “Suburbia” as grand and powerful as it could possibly be.

The song nonchalantly tells the story of a distracted wife frustrated with her current situation who is seeking comfort, and maybe a little more, from their housekeeper. This video feels almost satirical, addressing the taboo circumstance with a vibrant and smirky connotation. This tongue-in-cheek debut single shows Devons magnetic and bright personality while touting a promiscuous and intriguing message.

The LA based creatives continues to tease original music, suggesting a full-length project could be in the works. Introduce yourself to Devon Again and go screen Suburbia for a light-hearted break during your day.

Produced By

Cameron Hale

Release Date

July 23, 2021


Denver, CO

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