Fall So Fast

Ahead of the release of his upcoming sophomore project “Lifelines”, LA-based rapper Ajna returns to us this week with his new single “Fall so Fast”. Keeping his family and friends close, “Fall so Fast” features both his cousin Taryq as well as his close friend Angelina – instilling a heartwarming authenticity into the track that becomes palpable the minute you press play. If Drake’s “So Far Gone” changed your life like it did mine, then look no further than Ajna’s latest banger for additions to your weekly rotation.

Synthesizing hard-hitting delivery with clever writing and a carefully-crafted mix – “Fall so Fast” is the newest entry into the discography of one of LA’s best-kept secrets. Detailing a story of disillusionment and romantic turmoil, Ajna’s clearly unafraid of wearing his heart on his sleeve, and his risk-taking pays off on what is ultimately one of my favorite releases from him to date. With more music coming down the pipeline in 2022, now is the perfect time to become a fan of Ajna. Between his unique sound bridging the gap between hip-hop’s boundaries and his heartfelt delivery – it’s hard not to be.

Produced By

Ajna & quiet.

Release Date

May 10, 2022


Los Angeles, California

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