Got a real hidden gem for the lucky people who stumble upon this post. The name’s Bōlají, a Houston, Texas bred newcomer who’s also currently a student at Baylor University. Thankfully for us, he’s made time outside of his studies to create tunes like “Lavish” for the people. “Lavish” might be the most entrancing single off of Bōlají’s impressive self-titled debut EP.

Little is known about Bōlají to date. While this EP a magnificent window into the sound he will undoubtedly mature going forward, he is also a core part of another Texas based group known as “palace floor”. The heavenly R&B touches and jazz inspired backings on songs like “Lavish” and “Love Trance” are worth spinning at your next late night kickback. The saxophone backing the hook of “Lavish” is enough to win some hearts over.

Stream “Lavish” & Bōlají below & tell a friend to tell a friend.

Produced By


Release Date

August 19, 2022


Houston, TX

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