Carly Gibert

POV: you’re just moseying on about your daily life, casually thinking about how underrated an artist is, POV: that artist is no other than Carly Gibert.

A flow like Carly’s is only acquired through dedication to her art. “Pray” feeds off of cool girl energy. It’s the song you play on the 4:01am subway ride home, your entrance to your shift, or on aux to show off your eclectic music taste. Carly’s voice has a mesmerizing, infectious vibe to it- umbrella’d under her over-arching tone of “don’t mess with me” energy.

“Pray” is as hypnotizing as it’s just plain good. Listening to “Pray” initiates automatic lowkey head bopping, timed out taps to the beat on your laptop keys or subtle swaying. Carly narrates a lil unrequited, hopeless romanticism with her strong performance, and perfect flow. Carly might be hiding in plain sight, but not for long- so go seek while you can.

Produced By

Anwar Sawyer & Donny Bravo

Release Date

May 3, 2024


Cambrils, Spain

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