If you know us and especially if you know me, you should know by now that I’m a massive fan of these New York kids. They’re 5 high school kids adding some unique and infectious flavor into the industry that’s desperately needed. The music’s raw, emotional, real and organic and I know I’m probably sounding a little cliche but they just have an energy about them that feels so special and one of a kind. This is now their third album they’re putting out since assembling as a group at tail end of 2017.

All 5 members of the group are still in high school too, all juniors in fact at the same New York city high school. That’s how they all met and formed the group and created a special friendship just as well as a musical bond. They’re comprised of Sawyer Nunes on lead vocals, keyboards and guitar (before LAUNDRY DAY he was on Broadway, actually moving to New York from New Orleans so that he could be on Broadway). He’s joined by Jude, who also handles lead vocals for the group, Etai, the long haired kid on drums, Henry W on guitar and Henry P on bass, who all come together on a creative level to write and piece together these beautiful songs.

They’ve just started to get massive industry buzz (thanks in large part to us) but they needed none of that to get off the ground. They’d put out two albums before this new one and cultivated one of the most engaging new audiences I’ve seen from a new act. The views aren’t through the roof just yet but feel free to check out the comment section on their content on any platform. It’s flooding with eager, young fans and it’s really only a matter of time before that is amplified big time.

HOMESICK is ten tracks long and each one has its place. There’s an assortment of sounds and ideas on this album as the group really hones in on what their sound is. They’re not afraid to experiment and try some new sounds but they still don’t stray too far out and keep a down home, beautiful sound. There’s so many special musical moments packed in here and there’s a quite a pleasant surprise. Brockhampton‘s Romil actually produced on three songs on the record. He had his hands on “I Feel Good”, “FRIENDS” and “Messy Eyes”. Definitely check this album out, it’s only just the beginning for LAUNDRY DAY.

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