Bloom – Angel

I try to wrap my head around too much music that I lose track of too many things. I’ve been following Bloom on Soundcloud but I didn’t truly recognize how special this man was until this moment. I want you all to stop reading this and hit play already if you haven’t, listen to the song before I even speak on it.

Now that you’ve heard it, what a fucking trip that was. Bloom is the musical project on John Singletary, a phenomenal musician and artist who made a work of art with this song “Angel”. At it’s core, the backbone of this emotional song is the guitar. That’s how the song starts off, just that guitar and some gorgeously autotune drenched vocals. The slow, drawn out delivery filters through so beautifully, I could sincerely listen to that tone of this beat forever. As this song progresses, Bloom adds more sounds and it becomes a true cinematic sounding work of art. I can’t stress enough how much I love this song. Check it out below.

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