min.a – Hi-Fi (EP Stream)

Today in exciting new artists comes Korean-American singer min.a. She’s currently living in New York, attending NYU and really perfecting her craft as an artist in the process. To just plainly call her talented would be doing her art a disservice, min.a is over meticulously putting together these records all on her own, producing, mixing and mastering the entire thing. And might I add that she does it all brilliantly. Her new 4-track EP Hi-Fi truly feels like it’s in the upper echelon of fidelity. The production is crisp and ethereal, just the way I like it.

She has quite the way with synths and her use of these sounds to create ominous and powerful soundscapes is awe-inspiring. Each song is never over until it’s over, there’s so many amazing moments spread out over the vast songs and it takes the listeners full attention to really soak it all in. Oh and did I mention how much I adore her voice, because I do. She has a sweet yet lush tone and she truly knows how to kick it in all the right places across the project. Go ahead and stream it below and thank me later.

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