Monday, December 6, 2021

Brent Faiyaz Announces His Debut Album ‘Sonder Son’

There’s certain artists that I love a little extra than others just because I was very early on them and I got to push people on them early. We were among the firsts to cover Brent Faiyaz as well as his group Sonder and I’d like to think we put quite a few people on. Brent’s fanbase grows each and everyday, especially because “Crew”, the song he sang the phenomenal hook on still lingers on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Not only that but Brent is truly such a phenomenal talent and it’s been great to watch him grow and develop into the hopeful R&B star that he deserves to be. So i’m definitely sitting in the front row of Brent’s cheering section and hoping for nothing but success.

Today he announced his proper debut album Sonder Son which for the record is a solo Brent Faiyaz album. It will feature plenty of production from Dpat and atu but this is technically a Brent solo album. The album’s 13 tracks long, with no features to be listed and I doubt there’s any hidden features. The album’s set to drop on October 13th, which really isn’t too far away but that wait is sure to feel like eternity. I’m assuming we’re due for a single from this album if there’s a three and a half week wait until this thing drops so stay tuned for that. I’d put money on a single dropping this Friday.

And go wish Brent a happy birthday as well! Today’s the day!

1. “Home”
2. “Gang Over Luv”
3. “Burn One (Interlude)”
4. “First World Problems / Nobody Carez”
5. “Missin Out”
6. “Stay Down”
7. “L.A.”
8. “Talk 2 U”
9. “Make Luv”
10. “Sonder Son (Interlude)”
11. “So Far Gone / Fast Life Bluez”
12. “Needed”
13. “All I Want”

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