Boogie Signs To Shady Records

Just before A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie popped off, there was a kid from Compton that went simply by Boogie who was bubbling. I’d definitely say that A Boogie overshadowed him once he started to really blow up and it hurt Boogie and it also hurt him that his single “Oh My” was released before he inked a deal with Interscope. Once he did sign, they never re-released the single and pushed it like it should’ve been, missing on a huge opportunity for a smash hit, I mean just listen to how hard “Oh My” goes.

The Jahlil Beats produced song is a high energy banger but it’s not at all a comprehensive look at who Boogie is as an artist, he can do a lot more than that. This kid can really rap his ass off and it’s about time more of the world gets to know that. Today BET released a Shady Cypher that didn’t air on the BET hip hop awards last night. We saw the Eminem cypher air, a solo spot from Eminem where he addressed Donald Trump and during that cypher he had some of the Shady team behind him including Boogie, Westside Gunn, Conway and Benny. Luckily, they shot a separate cypher with those guys that served as a new Shady cypher that came out today as a web exclusive.

In addition to that, Shady confirmed Boogie‘s addition to the team in this Twitter post.

Shady Records is currently under Interscope so there’s no real transition to be made, he’s just got a new crew to run with that packs a powerful army of fans and power.

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