MellowHype – TISK

It’s kind of crazy to think about it but the Odd Future movement was kind of a long time ago. Most of the former stans of the group were high school kids at the time and now a lot of those kids are grown adults out here in the working world and have realized that “kill people, burn shit, fuck school” isn’t the best mantra. That Odd Future hype has definitely dissipated as the individual members don’t really put on for the crew like they once did, they just mostly do their own thing. Early on the Hodgy Beats and Left Brain duo that went by MellowHype was definitely second fiddle to Tyler, The Creator out of the crew. Earl Sweatshirt was arguably second fiddle as well but he just hadn’t put out nearly as much music yet.

They had an early run but not only did the group kind of fall off but both Hodgy and Left Brain faded into the back as a lot of the other Odd Future members really started to bubble as solo artists. Hodgy has made a comeback in the last year or two as a solo artist and he’s looking to keep building. He hooked back up with his brother Left Brain and the two of them concocted this new track “TISK”. But that’s not all. Hodgy also revealed on Twitter that the two of them are indeed working on a new MellowHype album.

Enjoy this new song for now and stay tuned for more news on the album.

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