California’s birthed a few notable rap groups over the last couple years, probably most notably Shoreline Mafia and today we’ve got a new one to introduce to you, even though they’re much different than Shoreline. This is LORD$OFDOGTOWN, a group made up of 5 members DKAI, PETTI, PINK, Andre Santi and $ixx. Their sound is laid back, kicking it by the beach type of rap but we can also come through and impress a crowd with bars. Honestly, I don’t know who’s who of the group just yet, so my apologies but the entire crew came with it. The standout of the song is most definitely the hook and that same guy kills the lead verse of the song as well. His smooth melodies set the mood so perfectly for the rest of the team to add on. I’m really excited about these guys and this one hasn’t come off repeat since i’ve found it. Take a listen below.

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