Roc Marciano Is Dropping His New Album ‘Rosebudd’s Revenge’ This Week


Roc Marciano is in a league of his own. A league where each verse is novel that’s been painted perfectly right before your very eyes in the physical. His slow, meticulous flow is easy to keep up with, so that the story stays with ya but there’s so much laced within some of the most clever bars you’ll ever hear.

Clearly, i’m a very big Roc Marciano fan and I love him even more because he grew up and claims the Hempstead streets that neighbor me. He hasn’t dropped a project since 2013 and before that project, he wasn’t the type to take a long break between projects. He became a very shadowy figure over the last few years but it all adds to the tale that is Rosebudd’s Revenge. Out of the blue today Roc hopped on the sparingly used social media accounts of his to announce that his new album was finally ready. And to even more awe, we can expect to see this album THIS COMING WEEK.

Oh yea!!!

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Head over to his website to add your name to the email list to best keep up to date with when the album arrives. Who knows, maybe it’ll even be a free download if you add your name to the list. Do that and take a look at the tracklist below. The project’s certainly not bloated with features but it does feature Knowledge The Pirate and Ka along with production from Knxwledge. A majority of the production is being handled by Roc himself and all us fans know how well he does that. This album’s going to be a movie so grab your popcorn and strap in. Also peep the trailer from the album that Roc shared via Instagram below.

Rosebudd's revenge dropping this week ?go to and register now!!!

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Rosebudd's revenge pt 1

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