Iris Temple – Theatre

Yesterday Iris Temple made their return and we let it breathe yesterday but this record NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION. The duo of Quinn Cochran and Aura Raps gained a lot of fans and stripped a lot of hearts last year with their debut EP Duality and now the genre-bending duo is back.

“Theatre” is a trip of a song as it starts off smooth and seductive but turns into something a lot more developed as elements of hip hop, electronic and more infuse with the track to create a gorgeous melting pot of sound. The song definitely sums up their eclectic, unique sound as they truly do defy genre constraints. Iris Temple is a genre of their own but to get people to listen you’ve often got to say they sound like other music that they like already. Just do yourself a HUGE favor today and take a listen to this track.

And THIS FRIDAY, they release their new EP Vistas, which you ought to go and pre-order now.