Frank Ocean Says He Made His Next Album Already

Frank Ocean‘s undoubtedly got one of the strongest, most cultish fanbases out there, even though it seems like his success lives primarily on the internet. Those fans have been clamoring and wishfully expecting a new album from Frank Ocean before he turned 30 just because of one tweet.

Frank turned 30 years old on October 28th and no album came. He didn’t live up to the word of a 5 year old tweet and people were disappointed. When Frank does finally say something on the internet, it’s on his Tumblr. He posted this last night

I was of the belief that we wouldn’t be getting the next album until at least another or year or so but maybe I’ll be wrong. Frank says this 5th album of his is finished but he also put up cryptic messages about Blonde years before that came out and people thought it was an album called Boys Don’t Cry. I’d just warn not to get too optimistic like this could come out any day. Frank’s definitely a perfectionist and as a perfectionist, your art is truly never finished, there’s always a need to make changes and try to improve it.

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