Black Thought Reveals Tracklist & Cover Art To 9th Wonder Produced ‘Streams Of Thought Vol. 1’ EP

Fans have literally been clamoring for a Black Thought solo project for over a decade. It’s been rumored about and Black Thought‘s teased that it would happen and now we’re here in 2018 and we’re finally getting it! They revealed the release just a few days ago on social media and it officially drops tonight! It’s just a 5-track EP called ‘Streams Of Thought Vol. 1’, but just the fact that it’s “volume 1” must insinuate that this is won’t be the only project. All 5 tracks are produced by 9th Wonder so we’re bound to really be in for something special. It drops tonight but it is available on streaming services in some International markets, meaning that it’s out in the e-streets if you can’t wait 12 hours. Peep the full tracklist below as well as the cover art up above.

1. Twofifteen
2. 9th vs. Thought
3. Dostoyevsky (feat. Rapsody)
4. Making a Murderer (feat. Styles P)
5. Thank You (feat. KIRBY)

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