BLAISE – Patient 99

A scroll through Soundcloud led me to one of the best artists i’ve heard in a while, a DC native by the name of BLAISE. What immediately caught my attention on this one was the producers, as “Patient 99” is produced by Isaac Valens, Josh Grant, Roget Chahayed and Imad Royal, the last two names being specifically familiar. Chahayed’s worked heavily on DRAM‘s debut album Big Baby DRAM as well as working with Travis Scott and Imad Royal‘s a notable artist himself whose also worked with gnash, Sweater Beats and more. So I came in knowing the production was going to be dope but I came out with so much more.

BLAISE has incomparable poise as he blends different styles to something uniquely his own on “Patient 99”. And of course, the production lives up to my hype and really makes this track sound polished while BLAISE really goes ahead and steals the show. Definitely check this song out, this is one of the best new artists i’ve stumbled upon in a while.


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